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SnowLounge snowcastle is open from December 2020 until April 2021.
SnowLounge lumilinna on avoinna joulukuusata 2020 huhtikuulle 2021.



  (Teksti ja TÄRKEÄÄ osio suomeksi alapuolella)


 SnowLounge is a completely new snow & ice experience in Sallatunturi which first opened in December 2017.

 SnowLounge is about 400m2 real snowcastle decorated by snow and ice sculptures. In SnowLounge is plenty of rooms: icebar, restaurant, snowhotel, icegallery and wedding chapel. Inside the snowcastle is permanent about -4c. Important to wear warm clothes on!



SnowLounge IceBar    no entrance fee

Whole snowcastle : Visitors who want to see our world made from Snow & Ice like our Ice Gallery, Ice Rooms, Ice Restaurant and Ice Chapel need a ticket. 

  • adults: 8 €
  • children (4- 14 years): 4 €


You can find SnowLounge just next to the slopes of Salla Ski Resort. For you, your family and friends it sure can be the perfect end of the day, to spend some time in our IceBar. But even if you’re not about to visit the Ski Resort, you are always welcome. For further information on how to find us click here.


 We are looking forward to seeing you at SnowLounge. 



Tervetuloa SnowLounge lumilinnaan 

 SnowLounge on tunnelmallinen lumilinna Sallatunturilla eturinteiden juurella


SnowLounge lumilinna muodostaa aivan oman arktisen maailmansa kätkien sisälleen ravintolasalin, makuuhuoneita, jäägallerian, sekä hohtavan jääkappelin: kaikki rakennettu lumesta ja jäästä. Sisällä SnowLoungessa on nähtävää noin 300m2 verran. Lisäksi SnowLounge tarjoaa majoitusta lämpimässä lasi-iglussa.


Paikallisuus ja pohjoisuus on selvästi läsnä myös tuotevalikoimassa. SnowLounge sopii erinomaisesti niin lapsille kuin aikuisille. Huomoittehan että lapset pääsevät lumilinnaan vain aikuisen seurassa. 

 Suosittelemme pukeutumaan lämpimiin ulkovaatteisiin, lumilinnan sisälämpötila jatkuvasti noin -4 C




SnowLounge jääbaari     Jääbaari on sisäänkäynti lumilinnaan.  Ei pääsymaksua.
Jääbaarin kautta saat ensisilmäyksen millainen paikka kyseessä. SnowLoungen karu ulkokuori peittää sisälleen täysin toisenlaisen upean lumimaailman!


Koko lumilinna 

  • Aikuiset: 8 €
  • Lapset (4- 14 years): 4 € 


Lapset lumilinnaan vain aikuisen seurassa veistoksista johtuen (vastuu). Lumilinnassa on näyttäviä lumi- ja jääveistoksia, jotka eivät toki hajoa helposti, mutta niihin koskeminen on kielletty, jotta säilyisivät kauden loppuun asti. Koskemiskielto toki myös aikuisilla.

Ryhmät tilauksesta myös muina aikoina. (Päivitetty: Ei ryhmiä kaudelle 2019-20)


HUOM! Hinnat ja aikataulut voimassa toistaiseksi. Ajankohtaiset tapahtumat, tarjoukset ja muutokset seurattavana parhaiten avoimen facebook sivumme kautta.




At the SnowLounge location in Salla- Finish Lapland you can find different igloos as: IceBar, IceRestaurant, IceHotel, IceChapel, and IceGallery.

  • IceBar:

Come and enjoy your holiday time with us. We offer exclusive cold drinks from self-made ice glasses as well as snacks in a nice and arctic atmosphere.
No ticket needed! Entry free of charge.

  • IceHotel

If you are staying in Salla or in the closer area, a special experience might be an overnight stay in our IceHotel. You are going to experience an entire night in ice and snow. Embedded in the arctic atmosphere you will still sleep in comfortable real beds (not ice beds), so no need to worry.

Please contact us for prices, vacancies and further information. Prices for the standard suite start at 295,-€ (= total price for 2 persons including overnight stay in igloo, sleeping bag, hot morning juice & entrance fee for the entire SnowLounge location).

  • IceGallery

SnowLounge is built with almost 1 million kilos snow and almost 100.000 kg crystal clear ice from a lake close by. Everything is built only from snow and ice! To offer you not only a tasty and interesting, but also an esthetic experience, we would like to invite you into our IceGallery. Here you can find special ice and snow sculptures, hand-made by artists. For the ice and snow sculptures, the artists have contributed to the theme of regionality and especially Lapland.

  • IceRestaurant:

We offer you a 3 course menu prepared with local ingredients. The price of 58,-€ includes a 3 course menu with a hot drink and the entrance fee for the entire SnowLounge. It is a perfect gift for valentine’s day, birthdays or just to make the most out of your last days here in Lapland. Please contact us for details, any questions or booking. (Please note that only guests who pre-ordered the menu are allowed inside the IceRestaurant igloo during dinner, from 06.45pm until finished)


  • IceChapel

We do weddings, anniversaries, christening and other private events in our Ice Chapel. For further information click here or contact us via email, facebook or phone. You can also rent our location for your special private event like birthday parties or business events. Please contact us for more information and prices.


  • ArcticIgloo Aurora from Aurora Hut

New this Autumn 2019: Our new glass igloos are actually boats! You can stay around the year in our ArcticIgloo Aurora. Its perfect to enjoy the pure and clean nature from Salla, and of course to spot the Northern Lights!


It is recommended to wear warm clothes when you visit SnowLounge. Inside the building the temperature stays between -2 and -5 °C degrees, unaffected by the outdoor temperature.

If there are any questions feel free to contact us.

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